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Sports Smart Watch enthusiast? Don't miss these sports brace
DATE:2021-09-15 18:15

Hello, the editor meets everyone again! Today, we brought benefits to sports enthusiasts, let’s talk about sports Smart Watch. Many friends who love sports want to get a sports bracelet, but suffer from inexperience and don't know which one to choose. Today, the editor summarized some more cost-effective bracelets for you, and shared with you, what are you waiting for, hurry up and find out about it.

Willful Smart Watch

1. Mi Band 6 Smart Watch

The first thing I recommend to everyone is Mi Band 6. Mi Band 6 is a very cost-effective bracelet. Compared with Mi Band 5, it has a lot of improvement in software. Its appearance looks very similar to Mi Band 5, and the weight is about the same. The screen-to-body ratio is larger and the resolution is higher, up to 326ppi. The addition of blood oxygen and sleep breathing monitoring on the basis of Mi Band 5, and more monitoring of physical health data, can be regarded as making up for the shortcomings of the previous generation. Overall, this Mi Band 6 is a very cost-effective one. After several generations of product upgrades, other functions have been very complete. This is a very recommended one, and those who are interested should not miss it!

Willful Smart Watch

2. Honor Band 6 Smart Watch

00001. The Honor Band 6 has many advantages. First of all, it has a 47-inch large screen, plus sensitive full touch operation. It is not difficult at all to realize these technologies, but the difficulty lies in achieving excellent display and sensitive touch at such a low price, which is really admirable.

00002. It also has a long battery life of 14 days. Smart watches generally last for 5-7 days because of the large screen and performance. But the wristband uses its own RTOS small system, which can save power as much as possible, which realizes the battery life of the functional wristband of the watch.

Willful Smart Watch

00003. In addition, it can scientific sleep monitoring, which has always been Huawei's strengths, especially in the sleep section. The previous sleep monitoring algorithm jointly developed by Harvard University can be directly reused on all wearable devices, greatly reducing marginal costs and improving product competitiveness. Prior to the 4th generation of the Mi Band, the sleep algorithm had been very rough, and it was only recently to catch up.

00004. Girls friends should pay attention, there are considerate women's health management for the female group, more humane and considerate health management functions, instead of empty health management slogans. so. The Honor Band 6 is a very suitable bracelet for us to use, of course we have to consider it!

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