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Why are fitness enthusiasts more like fitness tracker than s
DATE:2021-07-06 15:51

For people who exercise regularly, smart watches and Fitness Tracker can't be more familiar, after all, these two devices can make people achieve scientific exercise. So the question is, for an ordinary fitness enthusiast, is a smart watch more practical or a fitness tracker more suitable? Why do ordinary fitness enthusiasts tend to choose Willful fitness tracker instead of smart watches?

Willful fitness tracker

In fact, for an ordinary user, there may be the following reasons.

1. Weight

During exercise, weight often brings a lot of constraints. However, the weight of smart bracelets is much lighter than that of smart watches, so the constraints are reduced during exercise and more actions can be performed.

Two, sports mode

As mentioned earlier, I am an ordinary fitness enthusiast, not a professional athlete. So our exercise method is just basic exercise. Although there are not many sports modes for smart bracelets, there are five to a dozen of them, which can cover various daily sports. Meet our various sports monitoring needs.

Three, basic functions

At present, the main features include heart rate and water resistance. Of course, some of these smart watches and smart bracelets basically have them. So this can be ignored.

Willful fitness tracker

The main advantage of smart watches is that they support mobile calls (insertion of 4G card or eSIM technology) or Bluetooth calls. Of course, there is also a positioning function to meet the needs of travel navigation. Of course, there are plenty of sports modes, which is very suitable for outdoor sportsmen or professional sportsmen.

Willful fitness tracker

The advantage of the smart bracelet is that it is more practical and can meet the needs of daily use, so it is more popular with ordinary enthusiasts.

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