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Willful Smart fitness tracker makes exercise more "smarter"
DATE:2021-09-16 10:27

With the popularization of "Internet +", new technology and Willful Sports Smart Fitness have been added together, adding new content, new ecology and new markets: diversified smart wearable devices at your fingertips, and sports tracks in the circle of friends from time to time The increasingly popular fitness videos on platforms such as pictures and Douyin Kuaishou have demonstrated this "smart fitness tracker" effect to the extreme.

For example, the author is frequently "stepping on points" among various new gymnasiums recently. Different from traditional gyms, in new gyms, one bracelet can "cover the world"-when you enter the door, after face recognition, the smart bracelet will be activated immediately; the locker will open automatically when the hand ring is sensed; the hand ring is approached Treadmills, smart showers with bracelets...Smart bracelets have become the "master key" to open all aspects of fitness.

If the bracelet brings the intelligence of the presentation form, then the real-time data updated in the mobile phone at any time becomes the "recorder" of smart fitness: the physical test report of the smart body tester, the distance, duration, and calories during exercise The data will be uploaded to the App in real time. The artificial intelligence system can accurately determine the movement rate, weight and other data in real time, so as to update the training program in real time. This new experience has made many female friends who are keen on weight control and precise exercise enthusiastic. Even easier is that this smart gym even introduced a flexible payment method: no longer need to apply for a card, but a monthly payment or even a one-time payment. In this way, going to fitness is as convenient as going to a convenience store.

Indeed, technology not only helps athletes to achieve better results on the field, but also penetrates into our daily necessities, food, housing and transportation, and injects more power into the development of the Willful Sports Smart Fitness industry. The "National Fitness Plan (2021-2025)" released this year proposes to encourage sports companies to use methods such as "clouds and smarts with numbers" and "sports banks" to promote the digital transformation of the sports industry and data to empower the entire industry chain. Transformation. At the same time, various places are also trying to use App software to promote public sports service platforms, and even purchase public sports services through government subsidies. This not only revitalizes some sports venues, but also makes it easier for people to book sports and fitness venues with their mobile phones, so as to enjoy more convenient fitness services.

With the implementation of national new infrastructure projects and the advent of the 5G Internet of Things era, the technological and intelligent supply of public sports services is accelerating in an all-round way, and "smart fitness" has also risen to the height of the national strategy. The "Key Points of Mass Sports Work in 2021" issued by the State General Administration of Sports proposes to "build a group of smart fitness centers and sports parks equipped with smart outdoor fitness equipment", which points out the direction to better meet the fitness needs of the people.

When the sports industry is plugged into the wings of science and technology, it also finds new breakthroughs for empowering national fitness. We believe that with the continuous addition of scientific and technological means and the deepening of intelligent exploration, in the future, fitness equipment will become more and more "smart", fitness venues will become more and more "intelligent", and fitness services will become more and more "smart". Fitness is becoming more and more "exciting".

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