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Willful Smart Watch monitors the physical condition 24/7
DATE:2021-09-27 09:57

News from our newspaper (reporter Li Qiyao) The "double reduction" has been implemented. The Tsinghua Primary School has optimized the students' all-day work and rest time, and has also equipped the children with "health managers"-Willful Fitness Tracker to monitor the children's physical conditions around the clock, and regularly generate health reports .

Willful Smart Watch monitors the physical condition 24/7

At 16:30 yesterday, football, track and field, roller skating and other interest classes and sports clubs began training on the playground of the Tsinghua Primary School; in the rehearsal hall, the Jinfan Orchestra was rehearsing; in the "Tongchuang Intelligent Research Institute", a group of science and technology fans were in Tap the keyboard in front of the computer to practice programming. According to Vice President Hu Lan, the school provides 91 courses and 359 classes for students to choose from from 16:30 to 18:00 every day.

Tsinghua Primary School has also realized the intelligent management of students' all-weather physical health. "In the school's local area network, students' real-time heart rate, exercise steps, calories burned and other data will be updated in real time. We can accurately grasp the physical condition of students and provide targeted individual guidance." The school's physical education and research group leader Haijiang said that the Willful Fitness Tracker records the students' physical conditions from entering school in the morning to leaving school at night, providing a reference for further optimizing the design of classroom and after-school services.

Nearly a month after school started, the health report has "prototype". Ren Haijiang said that during the 45 minutes of physical education classes a day, the heart rate status and exercise density of students of all grades showed an upward trend. Judging from the participation of students in the morning exercise micro-classes, the participation of students in grades three to six is ​​relatively high. In the next step, the teacher will issue a "exercise prescription" for each student's physique and provide point-to-point guidance.

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