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Willful SW020 IP68 for IOS and Android Smartwatch Review
DATE:2021-01-20 18:42

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable smartwatch that has IP68 Waterproof certification and is compatible with Android and iPhone smartphones as well, then look no further because this is what you need in your life. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, then you’ll really love the Yamay Smart Watch 2020 version. It helps put some fun into that morning run. This smartwatch, which also doubles up as a fitness tracker, will be your buddy that helps you track your heart rate, pace, step counts, sleep patterns, and so on and so forth. Presenting the Yamay Smartwatch Review!

Recently, we reviewed the Lemfo Lem6 Smartwatch and in this post, we are reviewing this smartwatch by Yamay! It is a pretty solid smartwatch considering the price point at which it comes. It is packed with several features that you will usually find in costly smartwatches. The Yamay Smartwatch has a niche and sleek design and the build quality itself is good. We have reviewed the watch with sections for each thing so it is easier for you to go through it. After reading this review, you will know whether to buy it or not!


The Yamay Smartwatch fitness tracker and smartwatch has truly amazing tracking capabilities. It can measure almost everything you’d want it to. It can measure distance covered, heart rate, the pace of the jog or walk, sleep patterns, the calories that have been burned throughout the day,  GPS tracking system, etc. Simply put, this product is the total package.


In this Yamay Smart Watch Review, we will now talk about the Build Quality of this watch. A highly durable material known as TPE, a mixture of both plastic and rubber, is what is used to manufacture the Yamay smartwatch and fitness tracker. This is exactly why it can withstand so much rough handling. It’s both very durable and flexible. The build quality is good enough to withstand falls and wear and tear of daily life. Much like the Willful Smartwatch, this watch is built pretty well!

The smartwatch itself is very sleek and aesthetically designed. It improves anyone’s looks when worn. Imaging getting ready to go out and then to top it off, you wear this smart watch. It is just like cherry on the cake. Coming to the display, the Yamay Smart Watch has an HD color screen, in black and white, and the four-clock faces it offers is quite intriguing as well. Furthermore, it also gives you the ability to adjust sun brightness.


Okay, you’re probably still asking yourself if this watch is really that special, right? Well, we’re here to show you how it actually is. Most fitness trackers share almost the exact functionalities. However, Yamay smart watch manages to go that elusive extra mile. Here’s how.

  • 14 Mode Activity Tracker: A feature that catches the eyes of a lot of people is the 14-Modes this tracker offers its wearer. It allows you to choose a walk mode, jog mode, running mode, cycling mode and several other modes to boot. With this, you’re able to enjoy a wide blend of exercises
  • Breath Guide: Another thing that’s bound to excite most users is its breath guide feature. It records the readings of when you inhale and exhale, takes that data and uses it to guide you on how to properly meditate.
  • Female Health Tracker: Okay, this won’t be for everyone but it’s still something interesting to have. If you’re female, then you’ll definitely benefit greatly from this feature. It can track menstrual cycles and helps women prepare for their next ovulation. There are not many trackers out there that can do this.
  • Social Media: If you happen to be addicted to social media, as a large percentage of the world’s population is right now, then you’ll absolutely love this smartwatch and fitness tracker. It lets you access all your notifications and can connect you to all your accounts as well.


The Yamay smartwatch and fitness tracker takes things a level up by providing its user with an outstanding ‘alerts’ feature. For instance, when you connect it to your iPhone handset via the VeryFitPro application, you literally will not have to be getting your phone out whenever you get a call alert, email, or message. In fact, it even goes as far as helping you control the music on your phone as well.

And how can it be an effective fitness tracker if it doesn’t help you constantly improve? The Yamay Smartwatch helps its user out by providing them with an accurate countdown timer. You can effectively time your runs/laps as well as push yourself daily to become faster and better. This feature can also be seen in Gokoo Smartwatch that we reviewed recently!


One of the best things about this smartwatch device is its IP68 Waterproof certification, which means that you won’t have to remove it when you go for a swim or when the rains so happen to catch you outside. Furthermore, it also has a high-performance battery on it. A lot of mainstream fitness trackers struggle with poor battery timing. But, with the Yamay you won’t have to experience anything like that.

It can run on one charge for almost seven days, and sometimes even way longer. Best yet, it only takes around two hours to fully charge. This shows how powerful the battery is. If you are looking for something even better battery wise, you can check out the Letsfit Smart Watch Review!


The vitals that the Yamay smartwatch shows are usually very accurate and they can assist you in determining how intense your workouts happen to be. It’ll inform you on whether you’re underperforming of overperforming. Additionally, you can track everything you’re doing all throughout the day. The 14-mode feature it has will provide you with in-depth insights on whatever exercises you may be doing at the time.

With all the insights right in front of you, only a few taps away, you can always plan things out and utilize your time as well as energy to be more efficient. It is never good to overperform but we don’t want to underperform either, right? The Yamay Smartwatch is the companion that will help you achieve the balance!


  • Screen Size: 3 inches LCD TFT color display screen
  • Material: Durable and solid metal outside the frame. TPU band design with breathable double holes
  • Control Method: Touch Screen button features
  • Charge Time: Two hours
  • Working Time: Seven to ten days
  • Wrist Strap Sizes: 7-9.2 inches. It can comfortably fit the wrist of both a kid and an adult
  • Application Name: VerifyFit Pro (This can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store). This app might not be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy J series (US version) handsets, e.g., Galaxy J7, J3, etc.
  • Application Requirements: Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 and above (Not for Tablet, iPad or PC, smartphones only)


  • Available in a wide variety of sizes, from 5.7 to 9.2 inches, covers both adults and kids alike
  • It has a flashlight feature on it
  • The band can be replaced and is easily switchable
  • Has a sensitive touch screen
  • A charging cable is included in the package
  • One-year warranty


  • Doesn’t synchronize with either tablets, PCs or iPads
  • Its application isn’t compatible with the US versions of the Samsung J series handset.


Sam says – “I bought this smartwatch thinking it would not be able to provide the performance I am looking for but god was I wrong. It went way above my expectations and I would say it is worth each penny that I spent on it. The accuracy of the tracker, the looks and design, the comfort, everything is way better than most of the other smartwatches on the market!”

Kyle says – “I am a fitness enthusiast and I review similar devices every now and then. I had some expectations from this watch as I had reviewed other smartwatches too but this one did in fact go above my expectations. The trackers are pretty accurate and it is hard to find a smart that provides accurate data. Yamay Smartwatch is the no. 1 in my opinion when it comes to fitness trackers in this price range.”

Sarah says – “I haven’t actually used many fitness trackers before and I would say this is the first time I seriously used one and tracked my daily routine. Yamay smart watch helped me follow my routine and get rid of a lot of extra fat by providing me data for each day. If you are into fitness and want to seriously get fit, you need a fitness tracker and this smartwatch by Yamay is nothing short of a beast! 100% recommended!”


The Yamay smartwatch and fitness tracker is something you’ll find hard not to fall in love with, especially if you’re a fitness enthusiast. This product is certainly one of kind and it can do everything you’d want a smartwatch watch to be able to do. It’s way above most of the competition and at the price of only under 50 dollars, it’s practically a steal. Hopefully, this article has helped show you why we think this way. So, what are you waiting for? Go get yours today.

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