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The "mini fitness ring" Willful smart watch focused on sp
DATE:2021-09-15 18:09

For a large number of people, exercise is a relatively difficult process. After all, it is a long process for exercise to obtain positive feedback. Before reaping the results, there are indeed many difficulties to overcome in the process. Earlier, relying on the in-depth understanding of users with sports needs, Willful learned about such pain points very early. In order to help more people persist in sports, science and technology and smart products are used to ease the user's movement as much as possible. The difficulty became the main direction of attack, so the Willful smart sports bracelet series products came into being.

Last year, with the B2 game version of the Willful smart sports bracelet, coupled with professional and scientific gamification courses, more and more ordinary users gradually began to develop the habit of exercising, making themselves healthier. Therefore, Willful smart sports bracelet B2 game version is also called "mini fitness ring" by users.

At the beginning of September, Willful officially launched a new generation of products with fully upgraded functions-Willful smart sports bracelet B3, and opened pre-sales in Willful Mall, Tmall flagship store, and JD flagship store at the same time.

The Willful smart sports bracelet B3 launched this time adopts a new design language, and further enlarges the screen to provide a larger visual space, so that users can more easily understand their own data during exercise. Adjust accordingly. In terms of colors, four options are available: Speed ​​Black, Lightweight White, Dynamic Powder, and Burning Red. At the same time, the Burning Red version also has a wristband DIY special edition, allowing users to create more personalized bracelets. .

In addition, in terms of personalization, B3 will support more than 100+ dials to choose from. Of course, you can also set your favorite photos as a custom dial, so that your bracelet is exclusive to you (part of the function through the follow-up Upgrade open).

In terms of functions, B3 fully inherits the original functions of B2: real-time blood oxygen and heart rate detection; monitoring of 10 sports modes; 50-meter depth waterproof and so on. In terms of the combination of software and hardware, B3 also has 700+ Willful official courses matching; real-time heart rate monitoring and display for live courses; full support for game courses.

Of course, while fully inheriting, B3 has also been upgraded in terms of functions. First of all, on the basis of the original sleep monitoring, a record of sporadic sleep such as naps has been added, so that users can have a more comprehensive understanding of their sleep status at different periods of time. In terms of sports, the function of counting skipping rope has also been added. Through the B3 bracelet, users can complete the counting experience linked to the skipping rope course. There is no need to be distracted to count during exercise, and the total after exercise can be seen at a glance.

As the main function of the Willful bracelet known as the "mini fitness ring", the gamification course has also been continuously updated and upgraded. This time, based on the original dance game course, boxing game course and fat burning training course, A new rope skipping game course has been added to make skipping, a highly effective fat-burning exercise, also add a certain degree of fun.

The launch of the Willful smart sports bracelet B3 has further improved Willful's promotion of national sports through sports technology and sports gamification, and at the same time has well consolidated the ecological closed loop of "eat, wear, use, and exercise". A healthy lifestyle of sports can be more easily accepted by more people, so that more users can enjoy the joy of sports and reap health from happiness.

At present, the pre-sale of the B3 bracelet is in hot progress, some colors are not in stock, so it is better to start!

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