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Functions and uses of Willful Smart Watch
DATE:2021-09-13 20:35


Willful Smart Watch is a wearable smart device. Through this bracelet, users can record real-time data such as exercise, sleep, some food and other in daily life, and synchronize these data with mobile phones, tablets, ipod touch, and play a role in guiding healthy life through data. So what are the functions of the Willful Smart Watch?

Willful Smart Watch function:

Vibration wake
To wake up people in sleep through vibration, the user can select the bracelet alarm in the settings to activate the vibration wake-up function, set the time and save it, or set a reminder for important events.

Sleep tracking
When the user presses the button before going to bed and after waking up, the sleep data can be synchronized to the mobile phone or tablet through the Willful Smart Watch.

Exercise monitoring
It can accurately record the number of steps the user walks every day. The main data includes the time of exercise, idle time, exercise distance, walking steps and energy consumption that day.

Meal record
The software provides a very complete food library. Users can add food pictures or take photos to record the food they eat and select the amount of food when eating. Then they can see how much energy the food is used, and finally pass the food used in the day. Get the energy intake for a day and plan the most suitable diet.

Heart rate measurement
Users only need to wear the Willful Smart Watch on their wrist to know their heart rate at any time, and then based on the detected data, they can recommend the most suitable exercise plan for the user.

The purpose of the Willful Smart Watch:
The first choice for fitness and weight loss users, it can count steps, measure distance, calories, etc. like a normal pedometer. But the Willful Smart Watch can design a fitness and weight loss program based on user information.
Sleep monitoring can be carried out, reminding you to keep asleep at all times, and arrange sleep functions reasonably. Suitable for people with insomnia.
Through the GPS connector, the user's physical condition and location information of the user can be sent to the family through the association on the mobile phone at any time.

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