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Willful Smart Watch Battery Review for Twenty end customers
DATE:2021-01-23 13:50

" ... This is the best smart watch that money can buy. Does everything that the more expensive brands do at a fraction of the price. To top it all off, its is also more comfortable to wear that any watch that I have ever owned. Battery life is nothing short of amazing. The warranty is top shelf as well. Will be looking to get some others in the near future for my kids as well. Strongly recommended!! ... "

" ... This is a great smart watch at a great price! I use it to track my fitness goals. It has a long battery life. I’ve had it for 2 weeks now and I’ve only charged it twice. So far so good! ... "

" ... This is a must buy if you're looking for a reliable watch with a good price! I use it every day and so far no problems. The battery life is great. ... "

" ... This is a great watch for the price. Does everything that is promised. I got it for the sleep tracker and step counter. Battery lasts forever. It’s stylish and sleek. I like how you can see incoming call information and texts. Very useful. ... "

" ... You can’t beat the price for what you get with this smart watch. I have an iPhone X and it’s totally compatible. I have it synced with my apple health and it’s working flawlessly. The battery is long lasting, while it fits and looks fabulous! ... "

" ... Great value for the price. It does everything my fitbit versa did, and the battery life is awesome. It lasts about 2 weeks between charges. The app shows your sleep patterns, activities, and heart rate. The reboot setting in the app was a life saver. Had to use it a few times to get the device and app to fully sync so that all the functions work properly, especially call/text notifications and the find-my-phone option. However, if I'm in another room, these functions don't work. Still a good buy for the money. It serves all my needs. ... "

" ... This is an amazing watch especially for the price. The battery is amazing. Been wearing it all day every day for a week and it's only on 64% (shown in picture). My husband likes the heart rate option. I will be buying him one for his bday. ... "

" ... Excellent for the price! Works great and battery life is amazing. Works just as well as a 200$ one ... "

" ... This smart watch is great for the price. The battery life is amazing and it is easy to set up. It is sleek, compact and not too big for my wrist. I like that it looks like the Apple and Fitbit Versa watches for way less money. If you’re looking for an affordable smart watch, get this one! ... "

" ... Overall, this does exactly as it says -- it's great looking too with a very easy-to-use interface. The tracking seems reliable. Battery life lasts great. I wish it auto-synced with the app, as I have the app tied to a few other health trackers. But it's super easy to update, so overall it's well worth the price. ... "

" ... It very easy to use. Has a long battery life. Very comfortable to wear. Love it! ... "

" ... It was so easy to set up with the app. The battery life is very long. Going over 2 weeks on one charge. I like the sleep tracking feature letting you know how long you are in light sleep or deep sleep and is accurate if you get up in the middle of the night. The step count and heartbeat are beneficial information with the graphs. Well worth the money. ... "

" ... Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Wow I am amazed at how easy to set it up with my phone and the battery is amazing. It doesn’t use much battery unlike my phone . At the end of the day it was at 88%, that amazing. I like the fact that I didn’t have to break the bank to use something so awesome like this product. It is very well made and very comfortable to wear. ... "

" ... Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Battery life is great. Lasts a long time. Maybe like 3 or 4 days. ... "

" ... Works exactly as described. Love the sleep tracker. I looked at it every morning. I also love the little reward when I do 10k steps. Very neat gadget. Waterproof. Perfect for a first time smart watch buyer! Also the battery lasts forverrrr! ... "

" ... Sleep works ok. But after I woke up this morning I went back to sleep a few hours later and it didn’t track that sleep. The app is good, when downloading the app make sure u use the QR code to download. The battery life seems fine so far. I put it on around 35 hrs ago. ... "

" ... Tracks my sleep and activity very accurately! This is my new favorite thing. The battery goes down around only 10% a day with the brightness on the watch all the way up which is amazing and it charges rapidly. ... "

" ... This is my first smartwatch ever and it's super cool, very easy to use, track your heart bpm and sleep, read your messages or give yourself a break (sometimes needed!). Plus a really nice shape and a loooong battery life. If you haven't purchased a smartwatch before, this is the one. ... "

" ... The watch tracks my steps and sleep patterns. Battery life is long lasting. It has a few other useful items as well ... "

" ... I purchased this watch to help track my heart rate, sleep patterns and fitness levels. Very pleased. The watch and app are easy to use, the battery lasts a long time (I usually charge once a week but could go longer) and it’s been great being able to see my activity daily. ... "

" ... It's great as a watch and step tracker. The downside is that you can't synchronize it with most apps like weight watchers, lose it, etc. Battery life is quite good. Let's see how long it will last. ... "

" ... I'm very happy with my tracker. It was a great price and works great. The battery last long to. ... "

" ... It tells time and tracks my steps THAT'S IT! I've had several friends try to get to connect so I at least got message alerts Nada! Music nope . oh it does check my heart rate . the battery though awesome . ... "

" ... Best fitness tracker I've owned. And I've done Fitbit . twice !! Battery life is the best. App is easy to understand. Nice display. I would have paid more for this quality and performance. ... "

" ... Good watch, good for tracking your steps if your dieting. Good battery life. ... "

" ... I just received my watch and I love the comfort of the watch and I’ve been trying to track my steps and just my overall health and it’s really great for that. The battery life is really great too and it’s super affordable. ... "

" ... I use my watch to count my steps, track my pulse, and of course, to tell time. I like the watch face. Easy to read. The battery life is amazing . at the end of the day, the watch is between 97-100% charged. ... "

" ... I bought it for my son for Christmas. He loves it and I was really surprised of the battery life. It was a good purchase. ... "

" ... I got this watch for my daughter and she is happy with it. It seems comfortable and has a good battery life so far. The green band and rose gold bezel color combo is nice to look at. ... "

" ... Got this for my son. Day #6. Works like expected, no glitches so far. Battery does drain a bit faster than the other two brands of watches we have. ... "

" ... I got the watch for my husband for Christmas. He said it’s lightweight and comfortable. The battery life is amazing! Great watch for the price! ... "

" ... I love this. Does everything an Apple Watch does at such a more reasonable price. Battery life is excellent and lasts for days. Great selection of bands as wel! ... "

" ... I have had the product for about a week and a half now. It was very easy to set up and has been just as easy to use. The data tracked, in combination with the mobile app, is very useful and helpful. The battery life has been amazing it’s needed only one charge! ... "

" ... I ordered this watch for my mom for Christmas. It was easy to set up and she was able to use it for everything she was wanting it to do. The battery life on it is also very good! ... "

" ... So far I love it. The mobile app is easy to use and the watch is easy to set up. Fully charged the battery in record time. I can't wait to see how the sleep tracker work tonight, which is the main reason I bought it. The green/pink/gold color is beautiful and it was delivered super fast. I'm really looking forward to using this product every day. ... "

" ... 4 stars because it does what i need it to. Biggest downfall is that I have to open and refresh the VeryFit app occasionally or else I won't get my notification previews. Battery life is outstanding. Lasted a month on 1 full charge. No complaints. 7 stars there. Its water resistant in the shower so far. Feels good on the wrist. Smaller than I would like but does everything I need it to. For 30 bucks, I'm happy. ... "

" ... I am impressed with this watch. I bought this for my daughter to help her track her sleep and steps. She has used it for several weeks and loves it. It has a great battery life and easy to use interface. ... "

" ... This watch is very good! It tracks my sleep which is really awesome. I wasn't sure if i was getting enough of a good rest! The app connected to it was easy to navigate and figure out. The watch isn't too bulky either and fits well. The battery life is amazing! I went a week and a half without charging it and by that point it was still only at like 30% when i charged it overnight to use the next day! I am thoroughly impressed! ... "

" ... This watch works great!!! I got it to track my steps for the day and didn't want to buy an expensive one. You just download an app and it connects. You are not able to text or call from it (you do get the notifications though) which is totally fine with me. It has a timer which I use all the time. The only thing I wish it had was more dial faces. There are a few but they could be better. The battery lasts a long time and it has a cool section called relax to help you control your breathing on those rough days! It records excercise and sleep patterns also. All in all a great buy! ... "

" ... Just got this but so far I really like it. I have aFib and need to keep track of my heart rate. This device also tracks sleep, which is helpful for overall health and wellness. Seems to have excellent battery life too. ... "

" ... Product has been great! The time appears on the screen with a slight delay, but other than that it suits all that I need. The battery life on the watch is excellent! ... "

" ... This watch is amazing! I can't believe I only paid 30.00 for it! Very well built and not cheap looking or feeling. The battery seems to last forever. I've been using this watch since it was delivered 3 days ago religiously and my battery life is at 95% still! Haven't charged it yet! Amazing! It has a lot of options for health and wellness. I can receive texts, emails, phone calls just to name a few. I definitely recommend this watch! ... "

" ... I've had this watch for about a week. It was working great, still does technically. The watch itself does as intended, very easy to use. The shoulder point that holds the wrist bands broke during sleep though. I don't like wearing watches and I actually rarely took this watch off. I still found it a little uncomfortable, but not so uncomfortable that I wanted to take it off like most watches. So I think for most people, they'd find this is a comfortable watch to wear. The watch had great battery life, I charged it once when it arrived and it was still at 66% battery life after the week of use. I would and have recommended this watch to others. Just bare in mind the shoulders that hold it to the watch are a little weak. Better not to wear it at night when you cant monitor the pressure its exposed to when you're moving in your sleep. ... "

" ... It does exactly what is says. I am pleased with this purchase thus far. This watch is surprisingly really good for the price point. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensive smart watch. Issues have been minor and far/far between. Battery life is amazing! ... "

" ... I love this! It works so great! It tracks my sleep, which is good since I have sleep apnea. Love that it alerts me of texts and calls! Great step counter. Although I have not reached the 10k step goal. I am so thankful for the female health tracker! I can keep track! The battery has lasted more than 7 days! So much better then a fitbit!!! I wish it had more options for the screen display but overall a great watch for the price! My mom just bought one and my husband! ... "

" ... This watch is a great purchase. The value for what it provides is just great! The sleep tracking is very helpful, I love the mobile functions and the ability to read full text and emails on the watch. It is such a time saver and help in my daily life. I use the timer, heart rate, step counter, and pretty much every thing it offers, every day. If you are looking for a good smart watch that isn’t missing much compared to Apple or FitBit, then is your watch. For the price, I can’t imagine a better product. And the battery life is mind blowing. I can go five or six days without charging. Love this thing!!! ... "

" ... I absolutely love this watch. I got it for my sister and specifically in teal She is an Ovarian and Uterine Cancer survivor. She loves it because of the beautiful color and the battery life is really long Actually lasts for days Its easy and I love how it keeps track of my steps and well being. ... "

" ... I love this watch!!! This is my second one. I lost the other one. The battery last forever!! ... "

" ... I got one for myself and one for my wife. My wife really like it!!! she loved the design and the easy way to set it up!!! I like the long battery life and the app that it connects to. ... "

" ... I liked everything about this watch. It does everything it said it would do. The battery life is great. ... "

" ... I love this smart watch. It's the best one I've ever owned. I love how it keeps track of everything steps, sleep, heart rate, etc. just to name a few. I would recommend this everyone. Its It's affordable and easy to navigate and use. Battery life is amazing! ... "

" ... I got the watch for Christmas this year. I have been using it for a few weeks now and it has been great. The sleep tracking seems to be pretty spot on, on times and the step counter seems pretty accurate as well. I like that it reads texts from your phone. The battery lasts for days and even if you just need a quick charge, it charges very fast. I can’t wait for the spring and being able to us the fitness part of it more. For its value and what it all can do, I would highly recommend. ... "

" ... I have really enjoyed this watch! It has the basic functions I am looking for without having to pay the fortune of other brands. I especially love the battery life, it lasts forever. The material of the band irritates my wrist and I'm not aways sure it accurately reads my heart rate during exercise, but adjusting the placement usually resolves my issue. The app is super easy to use too . Would definitely recommend to others ... "

" ... I’m really upset. I loved this watch so much I wear it on a daily. I received it on Jan 3 and today Jan 14 it broke the little clasp just broke off. I never hit it on anything. But the pros of this is that the battery life is amazing I haven’t had to charge it once since I got it. So that’s a big plus and it does everything you pretty much need it to do. I wish you could customize the clock faces but other than that it’s a good watch for the price. Just upset it broke. ... "

" ... Purchased for my husband for Xmas! The battery life is great lasting a little over a week. It helped recently with a telehealth visit to give the doctor sleep and heat rate information. It works wonderfully to track steps, calories, exercise, and distance traveled in a day! He would highly recommend this watch! It does everything needed and more! ... "

" ... I love this watch so far. It has a great battery life and very easy to use. So far, heart rate is precise. Can't wait to continue to use for workouts! ... "

" ... absolutely love this watch. Battery life amazes me, it'll last for like 5 days. Does exactly what i need it to. Great if you want to stay active and count your steps and use it for working out. love it! ... "

" ... So far so good! The battery life is almost about a week now, longer than Other Watch. The face of this watch is as good looking as the other brand. Perfect for me! ... "

" ... I am absolutely LOVING this watch! It works very well, the quality of design is great and the battery life is incredible!! I've bee. Wearing this for 4 days now and the battery is still at 59%! I'm very impressed and highly recommend! ... "

" ... Just got it a few days ago & I am really enjoying it. Set up was very easy, battery life seems to last fairly long. Would recommend to a friend. ... "

" ... Bought for my fiance who is really into the smart watches. Battery life last forever. Apparently she really likes this one compared to her other 2. ... "

" ... I love this watch so far. Battery life lasts a long time I've been wearing it for 5 days and it's at 56%. It's comfortable and light weight. My husband has a fitbit and he actually like mine better ... "

" ... This product does EVERYTHING I need it to! Battery life is amazing. I got it three days ago and my battery is just now at 50%. Great step counter/cal burn. Notifications for texts/calls/snap is a major plus. 10/10 recommend. Excellent value. ... "

" ... I haven't had this product long but so far I really like it. The battery life is great. I haven't charged it in 4 days and it still has 50% battery left. ... "

" ... I love this watch. The battery life is stupendous. I have had the more expensive tracking watches and I like this one just as well. ... "

" ... So far living up to my expectations. Most impressive is battery life. After 5 days it still had 42% - can’t do that with an apple. ... "

" ... I love the product! The battery life is superb too. ... "

" ... I like it. It is nice and the battery works well ... "

" ... My new watch is great! I love getting notifications on it and I haven’t had to charge the battery since I charged it the first time! (Almost 2 weeks ago! The only problem I had was that the time stopped showing when I turned my wrist, and I had to push the button so it would show. I contacted support and they answered me in about an hour! I had accidentally turned that function off, so I just turned it on again. Awesome! ... "

" ... Lovin my new watch so far. Bought this to replace my Letsfit watch, which btw still works. I chose this one coz it has over 20k reviews and also uses the VeryFitPro app, same app as my Letsfit watch, which is a definite plus! Love the size of the face, easy to program with tons of feature. The ONLY thing I'm trying to figure out is the battery life. It's suppose to last about a week. I rec'd this watch last Sat, Tuesday I had to charge it. That's only 4 days of using this watch. Anywho, still love it

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