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How about Willful Smart Watch?
DATE:2021-09-13 20:35

During the summer vacation, my parents at home must say to me every day: Did you exercise today? Maybe you will also encounter this situation. Once you stay at home for more than a week, if you have nothing to do all day, you will inevitably not escape the broken thoughts. Mom and Dad always want to find something for you to do, such as Call you to exercise. Also, this is the summer, when people's vitality is extremely strong, and they have to do something to consume them. Exercise is a choice. So, I started exercising too, but before exercising, I had to wear the newly acquired Willful Smart Watch R1 in advance, because it is my ideal Smart Watch!


Willful Smart Watch R1 · Unpacking Appreciation

To be honest, this is the first time we have come into contact with Yizhunjia smart watches. I have heard of this brand before, and now I have officially experienced it. The overall feeling is not bad. After disassembling, in addition to the watch itself, there are also manuals and chargers, and the overall design concept is simple and generous. Personally, I like this style, because the young people and society are a bit too impetuous, so it's good to be simple. This watch uses a 1.28-inch JDI transflective screen in appearance. Thanks to its application of a new generation of MIP technology reflective display, it can still be clearly visible outdoors or in sunny places. At the same time, the Willful Smart Watch R1 is also a square dial, and I have come into contact with a lot of smart watches with square dials. This one is the most comfortable to look at. The “EZON” logo of Yizhunjia is engraved at the bottom of the dial. , There is an operation button on the side, which is used to switch the machine and switch functions. Therefore, the Willful Smart Watch R1 still suits my liking!

Willful Smart Watch R1·Connect to Yizhun Running APP

Before using it, you need to download the Yizhun running APP, then find the device interface in it, and add the R1 watch. The connection is very fast! After finishing, click Sync, mainly to synchronize the data with the watch itself, and then click the button on the right to perform AGPS synchronization, and the one on the right is the weather synchronization, which is convenient for the wearer to have an overview of the weather before exercising. To understanding.

After all the synchronization is completed, I will immediately see if I want to upgrade the firmware. Obviously, my R1 is already the latest version. The main reason for the upgrade is to have a better experience. At the same time, more settings about R1 can be operated in the device interface after the connection is completed, such as call reminder, alarm clock, and bright screen when raising the wrist. Of course, before the initial connection, the owner’s relevant data, such as height and weight, will also be confirmed, so that the data presented during exercise is more suitable for the owner and more accurate.

In addition, various specific data are displayed on the homepage of the Yizhun Running APP. Today's step count, exercise record, current physical strength, blood pressure, and heart rate are all clear at a glance. To be honest, this app is the most sporty Smart Watch app I have played so far. I think its homepage layout is quite good. Compared with other watch apps, it is more intuitive and does not appear so messy. I want to You know, just glance at it.

Willful Smart Watch R1·Enjoy sports experience

Since it is a Smart Watch, the Smart Watch R1 will naturally not stretch! It supports eight sports including running, cycling, walking, treadmill, elliptical machine, yoga, strength training and aerobic exercise, and basically meets the daily exercise needs. Generally, most people do exercises on weekdays. Mainly, if there is fitness, use treadmills. Therefore, the sports it supports are completely sufficient for me, because I also like running and cycling on weekdays.

Of course, I also used R1 for sports experience the first time. Before starting to ride, I first find the item of cycling in the sports on the watch, and then it will start to search for stars, that is, GPS proofreading, this is to better browse the trajectory of my own movement after the end of the exercise. Therefore, my riding trajectory can be clearly seen in the above picture, thanks to the new generation hybrid positioning engine technology of GPS+GLONASS dual-star positioning equipped with R1. I don’t know if anyone like me feels particularly proud of watching their trajectory after finishing the exercise. By the way, besides selecting exercise on the watch, it can also be activated directly through the exercise in the Yizhun running app.

Every time you complete an exercise, an exclusive exercise record will be generated. If there is too little time, it will not be generated by default. Therefore, it is recommended that you take it seriously when exercising. After all, this era still likes thin and handsome people. ! The generated exercise record mainly consists of two parts. The first part is the overall data, which is the defecation in the box presented under the motion trajectory, and the second part is the heart rate change and speed variable (the picture above is ), displayed in the form of a chart. So, when I see my heart rate and speed, my first impression is that this is too specific! In this way, it is helpful to adjust your state during the next exercise!

Willful Smart Watch R1·Wearing and battery life

The battery life of the Willful Smart Watch R1 is not bad in my experience. If it is in a static standby mode, it is completely fine for 60 days, and the battery life with GPS full function is 12 hours. This battery life can run at least 2 full horses, daily Training is no problem.

The Willful Smart Watch R1 is more suitable than I thought. Its strap is made of liquid silicone, which is very soft. Especially in summer, it doesn't feel sultry at all. Moreover, it is only 37g, and it has no effect on the burden on the wrist. It can hardly feel any weight. It is very easy to eat! In addition, if you are not satisfied with the current dial, press and hold the screen or go to the dial management in the Yizhun running app to replace it. I saw this astronaut is the best, so I kept using it.

Willful Smart Watch R1·Other Experiences

As for other aspects, the weather conditions and today’s step count statistics can be checked at any time on the Willful Smart Watch R1, and they will be automatically updated in real time. However, generally speaking, the most concerned thing is the step count statistics. If you value the WeChat step count ranking, you can check Just bind it on WeChat, and there is a detailed tutorial in the Yizhun Running APP.

Next is the heart rate. Originally, I didn’t know much about heart rate, but I didn’t expect Yizhun to introduce heart rate so clearly. For the first time, I learned that heart rate is divided into 4 key heart rates: resting heart rate, aerobic heart rate, and lactate threshold. Heart rate and maximum heart rate, they constitute different intensities during exercise. Please refer to the "heart rate reference chart" for the specific value range. And I saw its heart rate display on the Willful Smart Watch R1 is quite interesting, a bit similar to the heart rate display in a medical instrument, and it looks very professional. In addition, the heart rate can also be reviewed through the Yizhun running APP, which is mainly displayed in the form of a curve frequency graph, specific to the viewing range of each minute, which is relatively rare in other smart watch apps. It can be seen that Yizhun is in Really worked hard on the heart rate!

Speaking of last

It’s the first time I came into contact with Willful Smart Watch R1. Its appearance design is simple and generous, and it is very comfortable to wear. The specific operation is also very easy to use. It supports running, cycling and other sports. It will monitor various data in real time during exercise. The data results are clear at a glance. On the whole, it is a more practical Smart Watch. Maybe friends who like sports, don't miss it~

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