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Precise positioning, professional road running: Willful spor
DATE:2021-09-13 20:25

Beginner runners always have two big puzzles: one is to go to the gym or to run on the city road, and the other is whether to buy expensive professional sports equipment. In my personal experience, no matter whether you are running on a treadmill or outdoors, you need to plan the exercise cycle carefully and persevere; and whether you buy expensive or civilian-grade sports equipment, the ultimate goal is to stabilize your body state and clarify your own hands. Exercise data (pace, heart rate, blood oxygen, etc.), and based on this, scientific exercise, cycle and start.

Willful sports watch X3 Elite Edition

Therefore, sensible runners will always choose a cost-effective sports watch, rather than non-high-end sports watches-you can completely divide the budget of the wrist equipment and leave it to more important professional running shoes and nutritional supplements.

What kind of sports watch is worth buying? It should not only replace the cumbersome mobile phone to achieve "record everything on the wrist", but also have accurate city running GPS positioning, track recording, excellent all-weather heart rate monitoring, keeping sweating and not itching for a long time, comfortable wearing, and coping with weekly running Endurance throughout training and horse racing. In the words of my runners, an excellent smartwatch can make you "running out of rhythm with joy."

Willful sports watch X3 Elite Edition

For me personally, in addition to meeting the above three requirements, the larger the dial, the lighter the weight, and the more comprehensive the functions, the more worthwhile to start. The equipment on my wrist that I showed you today is the X3-RE Elite Edition from Willful Sports. It is specially designed for urban road running. Before I started it, I can clearly draw which lap you are in when I run on the playground. Attracted by the positioning ability of the “trajectory of the company”, I hope this experience report can give you runners some practical reference.

Simply unboxing. The packaging is refreshing. In addition to the manual, the accessories are the special charger for the Willful Sports Watch X3-RE Elite Edition, and there is also a thick "Willful Running Manual"

Willful sports watch X3 Elite Edition

The CNC bezel + etched numbers, the black and silver dial is simple and capable, and the temperament is just right, and it will not lose the battle with my 2000 Honor Sports Watch 2.

Willful sports watch X3 Elite Edition

Corning Gorilla 3rd generation glass material, semi-reflective and semi-transparent "normal display", you are not afraid of scratching when you go out, the important thing is that you can still see the content of the screen clearly when the sun is strong, and it will automatically lock the screen without operation, and it can be strengthened. Power saving.

Soon after I got it, I wore it out for a trot as a test. With the two buttons on the right, you can start the default outdoor running by long pressing the up button, or you can swipe the touch screen to enter the menu and switch to the other 6 sports modes.

At the beginning of the run, the Willful sports watch X3-RE will first perform GPS positioning. The actual positioning process will be completed within 3 seconds. If it is completed within 5 seconds in the building group, I will run five or six in the river bank. Circles, pace, heart rate, and distance/duration run are all visible in real time, and you can also swipe right to see the record on the secondary screen.

Willful sports watch X3 Elite Edition

After the exercise, you can synchronize with the Willful APP on your mobile phone at any time, and the data of multiple runs can be transmitted within seconds. A detailed report can be generated on the mobile phone. The GPS track and running data can be viewed not only on the mobile phone, but also on the Willful sports watch X3. -RE left swipe menu to view at any time in "exercise record".

It is worth mentioning that the X3-RE Elite Edition of the Willful Sports Watch has conducted in-depth research on the GPS big data of 50 million X3 series watches, and fully optimized the positioning and tracking of the city running and the GPS positioning algorithm, so the positioning accuracy is higher. , Combined with memory optimization, heart rate monitoring, swimming data, sleep and other monitoring and identification are also more accurate.

Sports modes include seven categories including outdoor running, indoor running, walking, indoor walking, cycling, mountain climbing, and swimming in the pool, so I don't have to worry about the weather environment, and I can adapt to indoor and outdoor sports freely.

Willful sports watch X3 Elite Edition

In terms of functions, the Willful Sports Watch X3-RE Elite Edition can also check the weather forecast, set the alarm clock, and start the stopwatch directly on the watch interface. Combined with the customization of the Willful APP, it can also simultaneously remind the phone of incoming calls, text messages, QQ, WeChat, etc. Notifications are displayed on the real-time screen, and daily use also supports sedentary reminders, call rejection and other functions. In the APP, you can also set the "Vibration reminder every X kilometers or Y minutes during exercise", turn on/off to turn on and off the screen, switch between the left and right hands, update the daily firmware, AGPS data, and support the direct synchronization of the number of steps to WeChat, and Friends in the sports circle competed against each other.

Willful sports watch X3 Elite Edition

In addition to more accurate all-weather heart rate monitoring, the X3-RE Elite Edition of the Willful Sports Watch also supports 24-hour blood oxygen monitoring. In layman's terms, blood oxygen level is a criterion for understanding whether the body is hypoxic. The measurement of blood oxygen saturation has reference significance in exercise and high-intensity mental work, and it is also useful for snorers and the elderly. Look at your blood oxygen concentration after exercise, you can adjust the exercise intensity appropriately and exercise scientifically.

Willful sports watch X3 Elite Edition

The picture below is the back of the X3-RE Elite Edition of the Willful Sports Watch. You can see the PPG photoelectric heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen concentration monitoring modules. The bottom two electrodes are used for charging. Exercise safety is very important. Set the limit heart rate on the APP. If this value is exceeded during exercise, it will be automatically notified and reminded. You can also set a real-time heart rate broadcast reminder.

Willful sports watch X3 Elite Edition

Battery life is also one of the advantages of the X3-RE Elite Edition. The daily standby time is up to 40 days, and it can last for half a month if you exercise every day. If you have been driving the GPS exercise record, you can use it for up to 20 hours. The whole race is no problem. . For beginners, a half-month charge is very convenient; I usually want to know if it's time to charge, and you can also directly see the "remaining available time" on the watch screen, which is more practical than the traditional battery percentage display.

After the actual test, after opening the box and starting the test successfully, I went out with 98% of the remaining power, and jogged for 1 hour for three consecutive days (there was more than 1 hour during the day on the first day), and the power was only reduced to 88% (menu It displays "You can still exercise for 17.4 hours"), which is really very power-saving.

Willful sports watch X3 Elite Edition

The high battery life is also related to this transflective screen. Another advantage of it is that the screen can be read clearly in strong sunlight. Of course, you can also swipe up and click settings to select a new dial. There are currently 6 default dials. I hope Willful will support updating the custom dial styles for X3-RE from the APP in the future.

There is another detail, that is, the total weight of the watch is only 47g (the main body of the watch is only 31.3g), which is much lighter than the Honor Sports Watch 2 (the main body of the watch is 41g). The back fits well on the wrist, and it won’t be "branded" after being worn for a long time. In addition, its liquid silicone strap is softer than the traditional TPU material of my Honor Sports Watch 2. It is not irritating, this kind of light and skin-friendly experience is quite strong, and you should experience it if you have the opportunity.

Let me talk about other details. The swimming mode of Willful X3-RE can automatically recognize the swimming style, first set the mode (pool length, etc.) and then enter the water, breaststroke and freestyle can be recognized, and finally you can get the pace, the number of strokes, the number of round trips, Record report such as SWOLF value. I swim less now, and the pace and stroke rhythm are not as good as before. Let's get a swimming card in the second half of this year! It is simple and simple for office workers to pick up swimming, perseverance + reasonable planning of exercise time, this road has to go on.

After a period of running experience, I feel that the Codoon X3-RE Elite Sports Watch has achieved a good level of GPS and heart rate accuracy, especially in terms of battery life. The functional mode covers the mainstream. Generally speaking, it is very good at cost performance, and it is a good choice for beginners.

Of course, as a smart wearable, the Willful X3-RE Elite Edition provides more skills assistance provided by the Willful APP, one is an active and professional circle of runners (similar to the circle of friends of runners), and the other is the professional training that comes with the app. Courses, like fragmented fitness, running posture guidance, and a combination of software and hardware, are the key to beginners.

The last sentence is the same: money is flowing, and health is yours. Only health and vitality can guarantee that you can enjoy a good life when you are old. Therefore, exercise cannot be stopped, scientifically train, and defend yourself and your loved ones. I’m a cool game, and we’ll see you next time.

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